Additional Survey Questions

Basic Attendance Questions

We asked fans how often they attend baseball games, and cross referenced their responses with their favorite teams and their LGBTQ+ identity.

Unsurprisingly, teams who were having winning seasons at the time of the survey tended to draw larger crowds, in both the LGBTQ+ and the cis respondents.

An interesting observation is that while fans who identify as LGBTQ+ are consistently outnumbered by their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts, the gap is smallest in the 11-15 games per season category. In this category, LGBTQ+ fans make up about half the number of their cis counterparts; in all other attenance categories, they are outnumbered 4-to-1 or more (in some cases, 7-to-one). This suggests that LGBTQ+ fans are loyal and ardent baseball fans, even if they are underrepresented amongst casual fans. This also suggests that MLB teams could expand their courtship of LGBTQ+ casual fans, potentially turning some of them into passionate fans who attend games frequently.

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  • What is your favorite team?
  • How many games do you attend during an average season?
  • Do you identify as LGBTQ+ ?

Fan Impression Questions

We asked fans what they thought of the advertising, pre-game and in-game features.

Commonly, fans were either unaware of Pride Night or did not think their team did enough to promote the special themed night. In general, fans gave a uniform response; for example, if a fan thought the team did not do enough to promote the pre-game activities, they also thought the team did not do enough to promote the in-game features.

There were fewer responses that the teams had promoted the events too much, and these tended to be clustered among the fan bases with more frequent responses that they would go out of their way to avoid Pride Night. In other words, fans who are more likely to purposefully avoid Pride Night may also be more likely to feel like the events or features are advertised too much.

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  • What do you think of the Pride Night advertising?
  • What do you think of the pre-game promotions/activities?
  • What do you think of the in-game features ?

Pride-Specific Attendance Questions

We asked fans if they had previously attended a Pride Night, and if they would consider attending in the future.

Most fans do not make their attendance decisions solely based on Pride Night, but it does appear to be a more powerful motivator among the LGBTQ+ community than outside of it. Perhaps more importantly, fans who previously attended a Pride Night (purposefully or coincidentally) tend to be more likely to specifically attend a future Pride Night than fans who have never attended. Likewise, fans who went out of their way to avoid Pride Night in the past were more likely to do so in the future. This suggests that teams who want to build an inclusive fan base will be more successful courting the fans who do not already have a strong opinion, rather than trying to change the opinion of fans who are firmly in the "anti" camp.

The Attendance chart is filterable by response.

  • Have you previously attended a Pride Night game?
  • Would you attend a Pride Night game in the future?